World Finest Swimming Lessons and Camps


"Not to win, but to be a part of it"

5 weeks clinic
For competitive swimmers and all who wants to perfect their dolphin kick and maximize distance and speed underwater. 
Coach is the famous World Champion Finswimmer and Division 2 butterfly champion Kristina Novichenko.
Class consists in plyometric drylands, dolphin kick drills, free diving basic and underwater Swim Pro filming and analysis.

Fees: $135 (mono fin rent is included, Swim Pro underwater weekly analysis is included)
Drop-in: $45 ( Swim Pro underwater analysis is included)
Days: Every Sunday

Times: 9am-10am

You can also schedule one day ( 2 hours) clinic for club team, masters teams and private sessions.

Email us: [email protected]

Phone: 734-383-2620

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