World Finest Swimming Lessons and Camps


"Not to win, but to be a part of it"


For individuals, groups, teens and professional mermaids and performers


June 5-12, 2017 - taken

June 12-19, 2017 - 1 spot available

June19-26, 2017 - 2 spots available

June 26-July 3, 2017 - 1 spot is available

July 3-10 - available

Arriving and departure day are included. 5 full days of training. Transportation to and from the Key West airport and training facilities are included. 

All insured training and safe gated community.

Breakfast and lunch is included in the house kitchen. Healthy snacks and water are always available.

Individual ( private training ) are available with fully customized program.

We are offering swimming lessons, open water training, free diving and professional mermaiding

Typical Day Schedule:

Early swim and yoga: 8am

Breakfast: 9am

Open water training from 10am-12pm 

Free time

Pool Training 6-8pm

Free time

Late Yoga and Mantra/Meditation -10pm

Runs by:

Swimming, Yoga and aqua Coaches

Fin swimming Federation of America, FFOA

Free diving Federation of America, Dive and Surf

Mermaiding Swimming Association, MSA

American Red Cross, ARC 

Key West, Florida Keys

 Free Diving and swimming with mono fin certification course teaches safety and technique of swimming in the ocean and a pool, open water free diving and intro to synchronized swimming, yoga and aqua exercises. 

Kristina Novichenko, Finswimming World Champion, US swimming Coach
Marina Kazankova, Hollywood actress and a World Champion in Free diving.
Merle Liivand, Estonian swimming champion, National Open Water Champion, Swimming Model
Coaches rotated by week. 2 coaches per group.

Certifications will be issued upon successful completion of the course:

* Certificate of participation to the base free diving course. Dive and Surf.
*Red Cross certified Lifeguard and Open Water Lifeguard (ages 15 and up)
**Red Cross Junior lifeguard and Water Safety ( ages under 15)
* Fin swimming technique certification. Fin swimming Federation

During this UNIQUE camp swimmers will learn different techniques of swimming with mono fin and flippers in the pool and ocean, free diving techniques, relaxation and body control in the water and dry land. 
Swimmers will discover beauty of the open water natural swimming in the heart of the tropical paradise Key West in the Florida Keys!

Camp fee: $950 without accommodation. Separate bedroom in the training house is $450/week


Merle Liivand

Estonian Swimming Champion, 

USA Open Water Champion

Swimming Model