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Book Our Mermaids for your Summer Camps or Parties!

Boost your summer aquatic in 2017! Book our best certified teachers for your summer camps, swimming classes or parties! A real Mermaids/Merman will come to teach your kids /or adults/  the magic of being a mermaid (or merman) in the sea and on the land. Kids will start the day with a mermaid makeover then they will learn the safety of swimming with the tail (monofin), several mermaid tricks and mermaid modeling. Mermaid tails will be provided for all participants. Pictures will be taken. Certificates of the real mermaid class will be issued for all students.
Fees: $300/2 hours in your place: lake or pool ( 2 Red Cross and MSA certified mermaids) for summer camp mermaid swimming classes or mermaid birthday party! 
We can teach up to 20 kids or adults.
Standard insurance from World Of Swimming is included.

World of swimming is a non profit corporation. From 2012 OUR MISSION is to inspire athletes of all ages to follow their dreams and pursue their passion of swimming . We achieve this mission by offering swimming lessons, swimming camps and resources of the highest quality, to inspire and support swimmers reaching for their dreams. Each individual who explores this sport helps form the foundation of a cultured, safer and healthier world, and we are honored by our part in that achievement.

Mermaid Swimming School is one of our most exciting swimming lessons where children and adults can learn using powerful tools of imagination and our coaches expertise. Knowledge is a power and Pretend play is a natural form of learning and strengthening of the human intellect.
Kids, who are afraid of the water or don’t know how to swim are learning quickly, fearlessly and naturally using this enchanted and innovative techniques. Because of pretend play as well as fine skill mastery, children look forward to they swimming lessons rather than fear them which signal a lifelong love affair with the water for young swimmers.

The school was seeing on Fox 5 news, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Gothemist, New York Times and more.


"Imagine no longer, bipedal dreamers, because mermaid culture is a beautiful reality at the World of Swimming Mermaid School. At locations in Michigan and New York, swimmers of all ages can participate in classes that strengthen their aquatic techniques, all while living their best mermaid lives.

“In mermaid class I always see a lot of excitement,” Elena Nannoshi, World of Swimming president, told The Huffington Post. “We can use a lot of imagination.”"

"This past summer we contracted with World of Swimming to offer Mermaid classes at Lake Callis Recreation Complex. The children and parents absolutely loved this program. They supplied all the necessary items to turn each child into a Mermaid / Merman for the day. I would recommend them to others interested in this type of program".

Casey Reed, Director of Davison Parks and Recreations, MI