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Mermaid Tail With Monofin 
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From $109
Kids. Adults.

Super easy on and off tail. Buy Monofin Only $69. Skin Only $49
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Pink, Green, Blue, Silver, Purple scales.

From $109
Kids: Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12. Adults: S, M, L

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Child Mermaid Monofin

Child aged 6 and up. Shoe size male: 1-6, Female size: 2-7

The Mermaid fin is a fun, recreational monofin ideal for young swimmers. Swimming with the Mermaid fin teaches a balanced dolphin kick while increasing children's water confidence. The comfortable TPR foot pocket and a quick-release foot strap allow swimmers to quickly and safely remove feet from the fin. Designed for swimmers ages 6+ and should only be used under adult supervision. 

Adult Mermaid Monofin

Male shoe size: 4-10, female shoe size: 5-11

Fantasy monofin designed to help swimmers develop a balanced dolphin kick and confidence in the water.  Like the Mermaid monofin, this fin teaches similar concepts for swimmers ages 10 and up.  The broad surface of the fin reinforces an efficient dolphin kick and builds leg and core strength.  Strategically placed holes throughout the fin and foot pocket allow for greater manipulation in the water as well as higher speeds for strong swimmers. 

Child Mermaid Tail in the Box


Tail with Monofin in the box. Great present for young mermaid- or merman- to- be. For child ages 6 and up. Shoe size Male: 1-6.  Female: 2-7.
Various colors available.