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July 8- July 15 ( closed)

July 15- July 22 ( 1 room is available)

July 22-July 29  (1 room is available)

Private Training is available, book your week

Accommodation: training house in Cudjoy Key,  Florida Keys

Training facility: Florida Keys Community College Pool

5901 College Rd, Key West, FL 33040


Open Water and Pool Training with Dry Land Daily. 

Typical Day Schedule:

Early yoga: 8am

Breakfast: 9am-9:30am

Fitness or Pool Training: 10am-12pm 

Lunch from 12:30-1:30pm

Second training: 4:00-6:00pm

Dinner: 6:30-7:30pm


Late Yoga and Mantra/Meditation -10pm


Day 1. Arrival, introduction, yoga on the beach, free evening and night meditation.

Day 2. Morning yoga, pool session ( balance different body position, mermaid kick, underwater swimming skills)
Late afternoon Open water swim on the beach with the tail
Night meditation and relaxation

Day 3.  
Morning breathing for mermaids session,  swimming pool session ( finishing balance with mono fin, focus on underwater swimming long distance)
Late afternoon open water free diving techniques. 
Night meditation and relaxation

Day 4
Morning yoga, boat trip with photoshoot
Marketing your own mermaid business session
Evening Sunset Celebration participation with more photoshoot and working with the clients 
Night meditation and relaxation 

Day 5 Morning Breathing for mermaids session
Pool session ( beginning of synchronized swimming, elements of mermaid shows, using hooka )
Open water afternoon session, underwater video shoot

Day 6 Teaching mermaid children classes at FKCC
Pool session - mermaid shows and aqua mermaiding
Sunset Celebration participation, dinner

Day 7 departure


Week of all inclusive* 1 person with room and full bathroom is $1550
Ask for group prices

Paypal Credit is available for up to 6 moths for free.

Lifeguard Challenge course is additional $115 with card.
PADI Scuba diving certificate is extra 

*All inclusive includes: accommodation, food and transportation to and from teaching facilities. One boat excursion is included.
Training house has 4 bedrooms, kitchen, breakfast room, family room with additional couch, 2 big verandas with hammocks, laundry room. House situated on the cornet land, surrounded by ocean.



Approved by:

Mermaiding Swimming Association, MSA

Fin swimming Federation of America, FFOA

Free diving Federation of America, Dive and Surf

American Red Cross, ARC


  • MSA Pool Mermaid-Instructor

  • MSA Open Water Mermaid -Instructor course 

  • Certificate of completion Finswimming Techniques Course, MSA

  • Certificate of completion Freediving Course for mermaids, Dive and Surf, DS

  • MSA Mermaid-Performer 

  • MSA Scuba Mermaiding, PADI  (available only during Key West training)

  • Certificate of completion “Teaching Aqua and Yoga Mermaid” 

  • MSA Certificate  “Teaching mermaiding for people with disabilities” 

Elena Nannoshi- President of World Of Swimming, Finswimming Federation Coach, US Swimming and Synchronizing Swimming Coach, Red Cross Representative.
Kristina Novichenko, Director of MSA, World Champion Finswimming, Personal Trainer, Yoga, Aqua Mermaid
Kristina Mykushenko, World Class Synchro coach
Merle Liivand, Open Water Champion, Estonian swimming champion, Swimming model
and all available MSA directors:

More about the Program: 
POOL MERMAID. Course will teach safety of swimming with mono fin. Basic mermaid moves with Certified US swimming and Finswimming coaches, balancing underwater and on surface, fluidly changing body position, mermaiding underwater on stomach and back techniques, swimming and and performing without nose clip and goggles, varieties of mermaid kicking with different types of the monofins. Course includes mermaiding lesson plans for children and adults, all mermaiding skills for different levels, basic synchronized techniques, marketing your own mermaid school and underwater photography class.

AQUA MERMAID: Teaches new and enchanted aqua exercise with fin, dresses and different toys, like a hula hoop or a beach ball. Swimming and dancing with tail and music. Improves balance issues, and confidence in water. Fabulous medium for a restorative or meditative practice.  

MERMAID YOGA will teach mer-people how to awake the body and mind to the beauty of the nature and get ready for all day swimming! Head mermaid of Michigan Kristina Novichenko will teach everyone how to rejuvenate with deeper and slower breath and meditation. This helps to improve lung function, trigger the body’s relaxation response and increase the amount of oxygen available to the body in order to swim effortless. Mermaids Yoga postures use every muscle in the body, helping to increase strength literally from head to Tail. Mermaids Yoga helps to improve flexibility and range of motion, which makes it easy to turn your legs into the mermaid Tail.

MERMAID FITNESS: teaches how to Improve core strength and stability, improved posture and balance, improved flexibility with and without tail, course help mermaids or merman back pain prevention, which is very important to Mer-People!

SYNCHRONIZING SWIMMING:  With help of our synchronized swimming coaches all the Mermaids will learn how to swim together, synchronizing techniques with the tails and group performance. Few routine for parties will be taught.

FINSWIMMING: Course developed by World Champion fin swimmer and member of Underwater Society of America (USOA), Kristina Novichenko. Future Instructors will learn how to use different sizes mono fins correctly. 

OPEN WATER TECHNIQUE. Course developed by World Champion freediver, Guinness record Holder and a Hollywood actress Marina Kazankova. Open Water Mermaiding will teach Mermaids the secrets of the deeper seas: how to control your breathing underwater, stress response, equalization, static and dynamic (with fins and no fins) techniques and self awareness. Course will also give you the power of becoming a real Mermaid with holding your breath over 3min. 

SCUBA MERMAID: Course runs by PADI instructors-trainers with help of MSA and teaches to swim underwater with the scuba equipment and a tail ( mono fin). Different breathing apparatuses like hooka for underwater performance also will be introduced in this course.

                                       Kristina Makushenko

Sychro swimming coach, Miami FL.

Kristina was a member of the Russian National Team for many years. She is a four time Comen Cup Champion, two time European Champion and multiple times Russian and Moscow National Champion. During her career she competed in Team, Combo and Solo for the Russian Federation.

    Marina Kazankova


    Marina Kazankova is a Russian actress and freediver. She appeared in more than fifteen films since 1999. Wikipedia
    Born: August 4, 1981 (age 34), Moscow, Russia

Because of Hurricane damages, 2018 season we will be teaching in the different house, corner land surrounding by ocean and canal. 

Summer 2016 Course in Key West

Morning Yoga in the training House

We are offering Private courses  

Our Instructors can participate in famous Sunset celebration in the Key West

Mermaid-Instructor for people with disabilities, Rebekah during summer 2017 course

Mermaid-Instructor Course 2017. Instructors Olympian Open water  Merle and World Champion fin swimming Kristina

next to the training house

Our Swimming Pool in Florida Keys Community College

training house


MSA directors are offering Mermaid -Instructor training for individuals and aquatic facilities 

in your place with complete business set-up 

and MSA insurance for 1 year.

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